[Concept] What The Instagram App Icon Would Look Like If It Became A Working Camera

[Concept] What The Instagram App Icon Would Look Like If It Became A Working Camera

The square Instagram App icon has become very well known to most of us. What if it was real? The team over at ADR studios rendered what it would look like if the icon became a real camera. Would it be something that you would buy if it was a possibility?










[Via Buzzfeed]


From Pratik:

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Michael Murphy's picture

i would buy it for sure. would land a place in the history books.

Jaron Schneider's picture

Funny how as soon as it is a physical camera, I want it. What's wrong with me?!

Jeffrey Remick's picture

Sure, I'll take two.

I WANT! I WANT! I WANT!!!!!!!!

No, I want instagram to die.

Nice concept though.

i would buy one for sure

 never gonna happen- adapt.

Maximilian Fischer's picture

i would buy one!

kkuvaaja80's picture

I would buy one. If the price would be cheap enough for a print :)

Michael Marcopoulos's picture

Good idea, nice design, bad camera = All for Apple fans.

Jorge Moro's picture

Seriously?  Like I don't already have enough crap...  LOL

a lens that big, and a camera that thin. not gonna work. looks cool though!

Chris Popely's picture


Ron Sanchez's picture

love it, where can i buy, how much, when do i received.  lol.

junyang chen's picture

i like how the film pokes the hand holding the camera. I'll buy one if they fix that glitch :D