Instagram's New Profile Pages Worth Checking Out

Instagram's New Profile Pages Worth Checking Out

This week Instagram rolled out new web based profile pages for it's users making it easy to view a history of their photos, likes and comments. To access your new profile page just open any web browser on your computer and type,*username*. What do you think of the new profiles? Let us know in the comments. Read on to see screen shots and links to some of my favorite Instagram users.

Once you open up your page you will see that it has a striking resemblance to the Facebook Timeline pages with a header along the top and a profile image in the bottom left corner of it. The top header is made up of an array of rotating photos. Moving down the page you will see your Instagram photos arranged chronologically organized by month. While there are lots of third-party Instagram viewers out there, I really dig the simplicity of this one and the features that come with it. While I have never been much of an active Instagram user - just because I am not on my phone all that much - this gets me excited to participate more often and share my page with friends.

With that here is my page,, as well as some others (much better than mine I should add) I think are worth checking out and following.

Above is a screen shot from talented digital artist Merek Davis. Check out his website to see more of his work. Merek Davis Photography

Another screen shot of the profile pages from Zak Shelhamer. You can see more of his work on his website. Photos by Zak

View more of TrashHand - Serdar Ozturk's work on his blog.  Trashhand

Go check out your new page as well.*username*
Let us know in the comments below what you think of the new pages and feel free to even link to your new page as I love checking out and following other photographers.

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Zak Shelhamer's picture

Thanks for the shout out! Love you guys! Y'all have been there since day one for me!

Trevor Dayley's picture

Your work is ridiculous Zak. Keep it up!

Merek Davis's picture

Appreciate the love guys!  Honored to be included with such talented Instagrammers.

Rick McQuinlan's picture

Thoughts on using such a mobile orientated application to display non-mobile (i.e. digital art, SLR work) imagery?

Bardac Dragos Mihai's picture

Great post. Love the work of these photographers! If you have time, please check my page: Thank you! :)

Michael Dixon-Brooks's picture

Some new people to follow, I'm liking the web profiles.

Arthur Nava's picture

You can hardly tell that facebook purchased the company...

Alex Tyler's picture

Like the online version/profile, would be nice if you could upload from the computer as well though...

Brian Reese's picture

It's people like you guys that make Instagram enjoyable.  Truly a tool for sharing with people what YOU see as art instead of your nails, your new dress, Justin Stupider, etc... Instant follows from me guys.

Natalie Wall's picture

Thanks so much Trevor! They're all so talented, I'm honored! <3

Mike Folden's picture

Really excited about this. It's so easy to use instagram as an online mobile portfolio now. I love this new addition.