#SpoilerAlertWPPI - Share And Search Insider Tips At WPPI

#SpoilerAlertWPPI - Share And Search Insider Tips At WPPI

If you’re coming to WPPI for the first time, you’re in for a treat! A mind-blowing, feet-aching, swag-carrying treat! In order to get the most out of this years amazing lineup and extensive events selection, consider sharing and searching the hashtag #SpoilerAlertWPPI on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Whether it’s your first time, or your 19th time, this year looks like it will not disappoint! The Trade show is bigger than ever, the Platform classes and Master classes have huge variety, and the special events are looking pretty exciting as well! There are a few ways that you can be in the know at WPPI this year, and here are my suggestions so you know you’re getting the most out of it that you can.

1 - Download the WPPI 2014 app for your smartphone
2 - Share and search #SpoilerAlertWPPI on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter





You can get the app at:  http://app.wppionline.com/landing/

This really is a great app and not just one of those “extra” things that companies put out to make themselves seem more legit and up to date. This REALLY IS legit and up to date.

First of all, it has all of the sessions and descriptions, maps, events, schedule planning and more right inside the app. Now let me emphasize what I mean by right inside the app. I mean that once you’ve downloaded the app, you don’t even have to be on wifi or using data to use the app, everything is already saved and active! This is great for people like me who are coming from Canada and don’t want to use up expensive data because there is very little useable internet access at the convention center.
I’ve already gone through the app and starred the classes that I know I want to try to make it to, and I’ve added them to my agenda right in the app so I can easily see which classes might overlap and which classes I want to remember to make it out to. If you haven’t pre-boarded for your platform classes yet, and you have some that you really want to go to, I suggest you get there at least 15-20 minutes prior to the class so you can lineup for stand by seating. Judge this timing based on the popularity of the class so you don’t miss out!


The app is great, but it only has access to the “Official” events and classes. There are literally DOZENS of other functions, events, classes, workshops, wine tastings, etc. that go on throughout the week. If you really want to be in the know and find your way to some awesome not-so-official events, make sure you check out the hashtag on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to use it as well so you can be a content creator just as much as a user.

To go along with this, I’d like to point out a few of my suggestions for you to think about when choosing your class lineup.

Classes to Look Out For

Sunday, March 2 - 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
Bob Davis
Available Light is the Best! – Platform Class

Sunday March 2nd - 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Jeff Jochum
Specialization can Skyrocket Your Business, Devastate Your Competition and Teach You to Work Happily Ever After

Monday, March 3 – 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Zach Arias
One Light in About an Hour – Platform Class

Monday March 3rd - 8:30AM - 10:00 AM
Justin and Mary Marantz
A Business Built on Why

Tuesday March 4th - 8:30AM - 10:00 AM
Matt Kennedy (Shameless Self-Promotion)
Explode Your Business by Spoiling Your Clients

Tuesday March 4th - 8:30AM - 10:00 AM
Jerry Ghionis
Creativity, Composition and Cropping

Tuesday March 4th - 4:00PM - 5:30 PM
Sara France
Top 10 Ways to Get on Top and Stay There

Tuesday March 4th - 6:30PM - 8:00PM
Katelyn James
Create Community Instead of Customers

Wednesday March 5th - 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Trevor Dayley (Another writer at FStoppers)
Keys to Finding Success in the “Sharing” Economy

Wednesday, March 5 - 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Nichole Van Valkenburgh
Learning to Love On-Camera Flash – Master Class (These cost extra)

Wednesday, March 5 - 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Zach and Jody Gray
The 2.5 Hour In-Camera Workflow

Special events to consider

WPPI Launch Pad – March 2, 2014
Launch Pad is a special event where attendees can take a sneak peek at the latest and greatest products from WPPI’s exhibitors before the expo opens. WPPI’s Launch Pad will be open to all media and WPPI attendees.

What Would Jerry Do? - March 1st @ 8:30PM - 11:30 PM - Room 319/320
Join Jerry Ghionis, one of the most awarded photographers at WPPI, for an interactive evening presentation with several live demonstrations for wedding and portrait scenarios. Audience members will be invited to the stage for live portrait sessions, and the program will conclude with a DJ part. As with all these late night events, come dressed to party and dance the night away! Open to all WPPI attendees.


I hope you really enjoy your time in Vegas, and if we bump in to each other PLEASE say hi!

Matt Kennedy  |  Facebook Instagram Twitter

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