[FS Meetup] Come Grab A Drink In New Orleans At Bar Tonique

I just wrapped up a future Fstoppers video here in New Orleans, Louisiana, and I'd love to grab a drink with anyone in the area. The meetup starts at 8pm Tonight Tuesday the 10th at Bar Tonique located at 820 North Rampart St. It's located just on the edge of the French Quarter so we can escape all the hoopla that comes with Bourbon Street. Hopefully I'll see you there.

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are you guys planning on being there for imaging?

What does that mean?  The project will be finished by Tuesday and I'll let you in on it...but it's basically just to socialize and chat.  Bring your camera if you want but I won't have mine :)

I think he means the Imaging USA convention from Jan 15-17 in New Orleans

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Ah yeah, I wish I was staying here for that.  Sounds like a good time.  Unfortunately I'm flying out tomorrow

Hey guys, I'm a photographer based here in New Orleans.  I've been following Fstoppers since the beginning.  Tonique is great for interesting cocktails (but remember, New Orleans is one of the few places that still allow smoking indoors, so if it's busy, it can sometimes get a little smoky).  Let me know if you need any tips on restaurants, other bars, or live music.  There's SO MUCH to do down here!

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We could consider jumping somewhere else after a bit; I just don't want anyone to miss us since we've announced it.  I'm not a smoker either but I've just had to tolerate it while here...I do love being able to take my beer outside with me though :)

Patrick (while Lagniappe Brass Band is blaring in the background):  "Marc, are there any 'New Orleans' drinks that I haven't tried yet?"  Marc:  "uhhhhh, well, you hit the Boulevardier, the Vieux Carre, the Old Fashioned, the Pimm's Cup, so...."  

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I wish you guys were staying for ImagingUSA, I'm coming down next Saturday and leaving on Tuesday. 

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Thanks guys for coming out!  I had a blast with everyone and really enjoyed hearing some local NOLA music!  No really, amazing time and I hope to see you all soon