[FS Meetup] Fstoppers Meetup TONIGHT in Scottsdale, AZ w/ Blair Bunting

We are currently in Scottsdale, AZ shooting our next Behind The Scenes video with commercial photographer Blair Bunting, so we want to hit up all you Arizona Fstoppers. Come hang with us at the Terroir Wine Pub (7001 North Scottsdale Road) starting at 7 PM on Thursday December 8! Knock back some drinks, meet Blair Bunting and your favorite FS crew, and debrief our latest project with us. You all may remember Blair from a really popular video we posted from his work with Deadliest Catch. Blair's a really cool dude who loves a good bottle of wine, so don't miss it! We should be around till at least 10 PM, so stop by whenever you can. See you all there!

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Argg... three hour drive (both ways) on a work night.....sounds like so much fun... god I need a real job.

Lee Morris's picture

Drinks on me if you make that drive :)


I will see you tomorrow night!

Sounds cool. I have a client meeting at 6:30 that night. Might try to swing by afterwards. How late do you guys plan on sticking around there. 

Lee Morris's picture

At least until 10

Thomas Ingersoll's picture

the one time anyone comes to arizona i have a final for my commercial photo class the same time 5 miles away....aaagggghhh

Lee Morris's picture

I'm sure we will be out at least until 10


I'm visiting from Panama - staying with my kids three miles away!!

Def gonna see you there...

Johnny V.

How crowded do these meetups usually get?

Peter Kertz's picture

It's obvious why you have very successful careers.  You're both stand up guys with loads of talent.  It was nice meeting on your way through Photown. 

If I had known, I would have cancelled ALL other plans!  Please come back and give us Phoenicians more notice!!!  

Patrick Hall's picture

that's just our style JC :)  You missed out on a 120 megapixel Google Earth camera, a guest appearance by Adorama TV host Mark Wallace, and a bunch of stuff not repeatable on here :)