Fstoppers Meetup In London Tonight!

Patrick and I are in London England. Tonight, Wednesday October 26 we are going to throw another get-together at Opal Bar. The Address is Hungerford House,Victoria Embankment,London, WC2N 6PA and the party begins at 8pm. Help spread the news and if you plan to come please let us know in the comments below so we can get a basic head count.

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Also, if anyone who is coming happens to have a small softbox for an on camera flash I could borrow for a few days it would be greatly appreciated! It was the one thing I forgot to pack. 

Come to ZURICH!!

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I'm up for it!

great see ya there!

i wish i was from london.. :)

If you fly in I'll buy your drinks ;)

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I'll be there, really look forward to meeting you guys, what are you going to be doing in London ?

I'm shooting a wedding in Scotland this weekend. Look forward to meeting you!

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we need a suggestion for a good costume party for halloween too!

How about Michael Jackson's Doctor?

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ha not a costume but a place to go in London for Halloween

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Have you looked at what's going on at The London Dungeons? I'm sure they'll have something on for Halloween.

There is a great Halloween party on Saturday at The Collection (264 Brompton Rd). It was recently reopened/relaunched. Very cool space with fantastic bar and restaurant. 

Gutted! I've been looking forward to this for months, since you first mentioned it! I am in Edinburgh, an hour from Glasgow. I've got a medium softbox and a mount for most popular flashes that I'd be happy to lend you, though there's no danger I am going to be able to get down to London to see you guys given the short notice. Is there any chance that you guys will be up for something in Glasgow?

If there's any way you think it'll happen, drop me a line on Facebook, and we'll try and catch up, I am on both of your lists.

- Evan

Yes we would be happy to meet up in Glasgow!

Wicked! When are you there? When do you need the softbox as well?

We can meet up sometime this Friday and yes the soft box would be a big help. How can I get it back to you though?

Friday could work! I am working until at least 5, and then need time to get the train through, though could be there for something like 7pm? Do you know where you guys are staying yet? Meeting in the center of town (George Square) would be easiest, and there's loads of pubs around there.

What if we said 7pm on Friday at All Bar One - located here: http://g.co/maps/ud9ve

I am not sure about the softbox, when are you leaving Glasgow?

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looks like you got the sb sorted, i was going to offer you my Fong and Orbis if you wanted to shoot some funky wedding stuff

Where in Scotland? If you are traveling anywhere near Glasgow it'd be cool if you had another drop in? 

It's in Glasgow. Maybe well do another party there too

If there is any chance you're looking for a free assistant, I'm a 3rd year photography student in Glasgow. Would be pretty cool to see how you work with your clients. ;)

Normally yes but I already have 2 assistants so I really don't have room for 4 togs.

No worries man! You don't get unless you ask. Hope you guys have a great time in GB and if you do end up having a wee meet up in Glasgow as well, just let us know!


will definitely drop by to say hi

love to come, hope to see you there

I hope to be there

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I'm in, see you there!

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Best news I heard today