The Fstoppers Photo Plus Party Pictures Are Live

The Fstoppers Photo Plus Party Pictures Are Live

On Friday we threw a party at Peter Hurley's studio and opened it up to the public to celebrate Photo Plus in NYC. Over 400 people showed up and luckily we never ran out of drinks (in other words it was a big success). Peter built a wacky photobooth out of some AstroTurf he "found" and the characters that showed up for the party knew exactly what to do with it. These photobooth pictures are finally available here. Now that we know we can draw a crowd we will plan to do it even bigger next year.

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K. G. Brown's picture

Sadly, I live on the wrong coast.

Then again, we don't get hurricanes...

Ett Venter's picture

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too soon.

Why not a touchscreen with a timer?  Or was this a last minute setup done with what you had available?  As someone who rents out a ton of photo booths, I'd love to see a story on how you do yours.  Something related to it would also be nice.  It's part of my wedding packages most times.  

Patrick Hall's picture

Timer?  That's too slow....pocket wizard instant triggering is the way to go.  

yeah but then you get that dang trigger in every shot.  I'm talking about a 4 sec. timer!  Gives you a sec to pose and use both hands for expression!  Come on guys!  :p

Patrick Hall's picture

I dunno, I've done both.  I like that the timer method slows the photobooth down and keeps people from taking 10 shots in 10 seconds but it also makes it much harder to take photos that are time dependent like jumping, flipping hair, pouring drinks on each other, or jump kicking.  Half the time someone off camera takes the remote and winds up triggering for the people anyways.  

 Thats EXACTLY what I thought when I saw the first photo!

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Lee: crowd*

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Would be very curios to see a BTS of the full setup. 

It was Lee's D800 and Peter's Kinos.  Apparently, Peter found the fake grass on the sidewalk earlier in the day and thought it would be a cool idea for the party.  

I  found it fun to actually shoot for my friends and some groups in the party rather then having them use the trigger. that booth was loads of fun..Hey Lee, hope you made it back home before the storm hit. I know you were worried and I was pretty sure you would be stuck here..great drunk meeting you on the roof. Ill post some of photos on the fstoppers fb page. cant wait till next year..

Must have been fun. Too bad I've missed it. Hopefully next year.
Would love to see some more BTS photogs on the photo booth setup. That fake grass looks awesome :)

THE GREAT ZEEE's picture

this was a pretty awesome party. thanks fstoppers