Fstoppers Photographers Party In San Fran Tonight

Fstoppers Photographers Party In San Fran Tonight

Lee Morris, Jaron Schneider, and I want to meet up with local photographers and friends tonight Sunday May 13th. Come join us for drinks and conversation at Vinyl Wine bar from 7pm-10pm. We don't expect a huge group so it should be a great low key get-together.

Vinyl Wine Bar
359 Divisadero St.
SF, CA 94117
(415) 621-4132

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Oh dang!  I'd love to come but I work that night.  I wish I'd have known sooner.  Are you going to be hosting some sort of meetup, or doing any shooting during the DAY on Sunday?

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...and here I was, looking for an excuse to get out of Mother's Day.

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we need you to come to Paris, because 1) the food is great, 2) I would love to spend a day with you guys!!!

I want.

How long in town. We shooting a new On Location Video this week. Love to have you on-hand. 

I'm debating between this or writing my research paper.

Mothers Day! Do you know how furious my sons mother would be if I ditched her for your meetup on her special day. Nevertheless, I'm still thinking about going..

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So I shouldnt tell you I ditched the entire San Fran trip because of mothers day then should I?

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 We realize it's Mother's day but it was the only good day for it! Lee and I are going down to LA on Monday for a shoot so we hope to see everyone who can come out.

Do one in LA!!! but not with alcohol! 

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 Brooke, we're trying to plan one as we speak!

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Do one in Phoenix please!

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How about a meetup in South Carolina?

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We are in the process of relocating the Fstoppers headquarters....once it is complete there will be a huge party in Charleston :)

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the monthly top post come from NY, that is the HQ

I would love to but by the time I get from the South West of England to an airport. From the airport to San Francisco In suspect you will all have gone home! Have a good night!

when oh when will the time come for that fstoppers meetup in switzerland???? -.-

Dangit! I wish I was up there! Ever make any stops in Orange County or Irvine, CA?

i had a great mother's day! see you guys soon!

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lets get a northern california photographer meet up put together