Fstoppers PhotoPlus Party In NYC Tonight

Fstoppers PhotoPlus Party In NYC Tonight

We're celebrating PhotoPlus with an all inclusive Fstoppers party in NYC at Peter Hurley's studio tonight Friday, October 26 at 9PM. If you're a photographer or videographer, this is one you won't want to miss. We've hired bartenders and the drinks and food will be covered by us all night long (or until we run out). We hope to have hundreds from the industry show up over the course of the evening. Everyone is invited! Space is limited and we have absolutely no idea how many people are planning on showing up so if you want to make sure you get in, get there around 9.

Studio Address:
134 W 26th Street
Suite 1203
New York, NY 10001

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wish I could be there - live in the UK and cannot travel ;( hope everyone enjoys themselves.

wish I could be there - live in the UK and cannot travel ;( hope everyone enjoys themselves.

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Fstoppers -- sorry to be toad but "studio" is misspelled in your graphic next to Hurley's face. I thought you might want to know.

darn it! wish I could be there guys. sadly I wont fly out this year.

Awesome event! Free VIP jet plane transportation for Europeans included?

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I'll be there!

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Charles you lucky bastard!!!!! 

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Well I guess I will have to take the drive from DC to NY this weekend. 

Can I come latter? Not at 9pm? Lets say few days late?:)

Spent a month in NYC, leaving for few days and here you are telling me about a party:)

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This sounds fantastic - looking forward to it!

I've extended my stay just to meet up and go to this meet.

I wish I could come! I'll be shooting AC Newman at Black Cat instead...

Do you take care also for a flight form Belgium ?...

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Free drinks? I have to move to NY ;)

I'm in México, so far :(

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In there like swimwear.

I'll see you there!

You might see me there =)

that would rock! damn, i'm in philly, not far at all but not sure i can make it up friday night. @peter hurley, that's a bold invitation. hope theres lots of booze. good luck. what an amazing opp.

Few blocks away from where I work :-)

Do we need to rsvp? How do I get on the VIP list! Will there be a step and repeat? Man I hope Paris shows up.. wait .. is she still hot? See ya there!!

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Didn't we get Pho with Paris last time we hung out in NYC?

I'll see you all there. Flying up in the morning. Looking forward to meeting everyone! 

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ill be there. when ya'll see me say hi :)

Hope to see some of you peeps there tonight..Will be my first FStoppers event.

oh my god.

But will Lee Morris sign my boob?

I'll be there.

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Looking forward to it.  Cool.