Learn Photography From Celebrity Photographer Michael Grecco

Learn Photography From Celebrity Photographer Michael Grecco

My senior year of college I made the decision to change my career goal of being a graphic designer to a professional photographer.  In 2005 the internet wasn't yet a great resource for learning about photography so I bought photography books. During my first year out of college I purchased Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait by Michael Grecco and he quickly became my favorite photographer. 

My first year as a photographer was tough. I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 people. I allotted $2 for many of my meals. I worked part time at Ritz Camera for $7/hour. I probably made around $15,000 that first year but books like Michael's helped me work through it.

A few years later I was turned on to Strobist.com and I started learning lighting techniques online. Every once in a while David Hobby (the creator of the site) would feature Grecco's latest work and I ended up staying up to date with his career over the last 9 years.

2 years ago during an Fstoppers party in NYC I was tapped on the shoulder and Michael Grecco was standing there. It was a great experience meeting one of my photography idols that night.

Last year I was driving through California and I set up a lunch meeting with Michael. I had 2 propositions for Michael and I'm pleased to announce he agreed to both. I'm excited to say that this year we plan to film a full feature tutorial with Grecco similar to what we did with Peter Hurley and Mike Kelley. Michael also agreed to be a part of our first ever photography workshop in the Bahamas from May 28 - June 1.

Michael will be teaching 3 different classes over the course of the 5 day event:

Everything You always wanted to know about lighting (taught on both 5/28 and 5/31)

The sexy beach glamour fashion shoot

The environmental portrait, photographing people in their space

If you'd like more information you may want to check out Michael's latest video explaining each of his courses.

It's amazing that a photographer who inspired me to start my career in in this field will be teaching at our workshop. I will be managing this entire event but I'm going to do my best to sit in on at least a portion of each of Michael's classes. To learn more about the workshop head over to FstoppersWorkshops.com. I hope to be sitting next to you in one of Michael's classes.


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every one that holds a DSLR thinks he is a proffesional photographer now . so many but your actually good