Fstoppers Wants to Know... Who Are You People?!

Fstoppers Wants to Know... Who Are You People?!

We have been doing our best to provide you all with the most amazing original and curated content for the past three years, but up until this point that's pretty much been guesswork. We think we know what you like, but often times we can be very, very wrong. So help us out by letting us know who you are and what you do. We will use it to tailor our content as we head into year 4 of Fstoppers.com.

Often we get mixed comments on the articles we write. Some people love what we publish, other times they are less excited. We really do our best to appeal to everyone who reads this site, but that's really hard to do if we aren't sure who you are. We need some guidance to let us know who we are talking to these days. So tell us, who the heck are you people?

Thanks everyone! With your help, we will be able to better tailor our content to what you are searching for, what interests you, and what you didn't even know you wanted to know.

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Oh, yeah, and I also sent you my timelapse photography work, please feel free to share this. Since you asked who I was.


Tam Nguyen's picture

I freaking LOVE your work!!!!!!!

Thanks so much. I really did email a press release to about 35 websites. So far, only one of them has featured the film. It never hurts to try! :-)

Only 1 medium format user? I feel so.... alooooone!!! =(

They wouldn't accept my kidney to buy a MF body lol.

I surrendered Cambo's for 1Ds' at work, but they will pry my M645 from my cold dead hands. :)

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Hey man, you do some great shooting. I'm rebranding/updating my disgustingly out of date portfolio, have you been happy with aphotofolio?

Aphotofolio is amazing! There is ooooone thing that I wish it had and that is to be able to turn numbers on the thumbnails so that clients can say "I like number 5 and 10". That is THE only thing that it's missing for me, but other than that, it's awesome, very awesome. =)

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I will rent every now and again but FF is just easier for me to deal with

Sorry. My matsercard was declined..

only in film but figured they wanted to know the digi stuff ;)

"If you are a photographer, what do you primarily shoot?"

Other: Sports. Mostly baseball, but also some BMX.

Just thought I would toss it out there since there isn't a box to expand on "other".

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I checked other, i'm a music photographer

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We know who you are Keith!

Hopefully this will be helpful for everyone. I love the behind the scenes type features with the big name photographers such as Martin Schoeller. Very interesting. I'd love to see more of these with detailed lighting setups. I love Peter Hurley as well and find his work and videos inspiring. I'm basically a photo sponge - anything you can throw at me that can be applied either in the studio or out in the field when working with my clients, please do so. Thanks Fstoppers!

What type of body is your go-to camera?
35mm film camera.

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same problem here....i do have a crop sensor dslr too, so i checked that....but iv'e been shooting mostly film this year

Great Post, I hope will it affect what fstoppers posts will be about in the future!

I'd rather write who I am not.. I'm not someone who visits photo blogs to see posts that are more Reddit fare than photo blog material. Stop posting stupid, political, click-bait photos about show hosts killing lions, transgender models, women having a hard time swallowing, mormon missionary positions, before and after hooker photos, and way too much new age NSFW garbage.. But that's just me.

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I love your sense of irony

That's ironic..

IG: @pdbym

this is who I am! :)

"I'm only human. Of flesh and blood I'm made."

I am glad you (FStoppers) asked! I come here to read and learn from the experts! This place is the source for the latest innovations in photo-videography! Love you guys! Hope you been making money too!

Another 'Other' - Theatre and Dance mostly, and doing lots of work and some exhibitions in rehearsals at the moment. Reading Fstoppers from Spain.


I checked other : I'm a nightlife photographer --> www.amauryvdb.com

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Other. Music, Art

I shoot whiskey and photos. And I'm all out of whiskey. har har.

MF is the next move up.

To see what i'm shooting look at my shot https://www.flickr.com/photos/gipukan/ My whole kit was recently stolen but i'm getting a 3de 7d tomorrow so I can shoot again. Good thing for insurance!