Get $50 Off Any Canon DSLR And Get A $450 Printer Free?

Whenever a great deal comes along, we try to help out and share them when we hear about them. Today only there is a great deal on Canon DSLRs bundled with the Canon Pixma Pro 9000 MKII printer. Basically if you buy any Canon DSLR camera with the Canon Pro 9000 printer (currently on sale for $350), you get a $400 AMEX Card which means the printer becomes free and the camera is $50 off. Not bad if you are in the market for a camera or just need the free printer. Lee and I both use this printer for the few photo prints we make and it's amazing what it can do with some good paper. I've heard there are not many of these in stock so once they go they are gone. Simply head over to the Printer Page to see both the instant rebate and the mail-in rebate form. Just make sure you have a camera and the printer all on one transaction. Easy as pie :)

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By the way, a little birdie told me BH only has 300 printers so this deal is going to go FAST!  Killer deal even if you just need the free printer and CL the camera

... and it's not "any Canon Dslr"... Since it's not compatible with the 5DMarkII. :(

edit: 5D, not 3D...

HAHA! Of course they do it on their "we're only open til noon" day