Lee Morris Has A Phone Interview With Your Mac Life

If you hate reading as much as I do then you probably don't want to read my previous post; it is really really long. Luckily there is another option for all of us lazy people.
A couple days ago I did a phone interview with "Your Mac Life" the most listened to Mac broadcast.  The interview is about 30 minutes long but you don't have to read a single word! Click here to hear things from my point of view.
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Great Interview Loved it! Loved the Iphone Video BTW :)

I'm one of those that hates reading, but loves information. Thanks for the audio, but I already read the post right under that earlier today. It's funny how everybody liked the photo at first, and the were saying that the only thing wrong with it was that the lights didn't have a star shaped flare to them, and now there is something wrong with the whole picture to a lot of people. I guess they're all used to using the Hassleblad H4D cameras, and the quality of the I-Phone is just not good enough for them. I'd love to see the work of the photographers complaining about the video, cause there is a good chance their work is nowhere near as good as what came out of that shoot.

All I know is that if I needed a photog, and I saw that video, I'd hire you.

You did a lot with a little.

Good stuff.

Dragos P.

SHAKE THEM HATERS OFF! aha but serious, the video was fun, and served its intended purpose. I've been following this blog from nearly the day it was launched, and I am always back reading everyday. You guys inspired me to take my photos to the next step, and mainly to start getting into video. I wish I wasnt so bogged down with work latley so that I could film a video for the contest. Good work guys, and hope to see many more good videos in the future. Keep killing it!!

-Sean McGaffey

I loved your video. I think Lee missed the point in his article, it was about the camera, not the rest of the gear. A fashion shoot was the best choice since everyone knows these are the most scrutinized images being made. If the iPhone could pull it off the point is made.

This was an awesome, fun video. Some of us that are not as talented as you may need some extra help from our gear, but this shoot inspires me to concentrate more on making a great picture and not so much the technical details. Thanks.

I didn't quite understand the strange response to the iPhone video, but like they say in the interwebs world, if you only have positive people commenting on what you are doing, you aren't doing it right. Kudos for the great work so far, looking forward to what is coming up.