Afraid Of Losing Your Drone in Water? Fear No More with This Waterproof Drone

I stumbled across this video today. I was trying to figure out if this was magic, but it does seem like the Swellpro Drone is actually waterproof. This is exciting news for me; I think I can finally convince Lee Morris to let me fly a drone.

If you ever get on YouTube, or even here on Fstoppers, you've probably seen people using drones to fish. Fishing is a super relaxing sport, and I enjoy fishing on the beach with my dad whenever I visit. If I were to fly a DJI Phantom however, it would only add stress. So you dronies who use them to fish make my hands sweat. But sweat no more palms, because now there's a "waterproof" drone!

The team over at Swellpro seems to have created these drones specifically with fishermen in mind. Their base model, the Splash Drone Fisherman Version, is used to drop bait in a desired location and comes equipped with a waterproof camera and monitor so you can see where you're casting your line. You can upgrade to the Splash Drone Auto Version, which comes equipped with a GoPro Gimbal (camera sold separately), which is what is being used in the video above.

There are some very cool transitions you could utilize with this drone. At around 18:22 in the video, he is filming the ocean floor, then flies up into the air. I feel like a professional photographer or cinematographer could really turn this into something beautiful.

Drones that can float. Welcome to 2017. Feel free to leave a sarcastic "Uh, actually Chelsey, it's welcome to 2008! This is old news!" comment in the section below. If you're interested in more drones that are used for fishing, check out the list that RC Judge put together.

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Chelsey Rogers is a commercial video editor. She's done work for Walmart, Hallmark, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

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Can we talk about how I need one of these in my life?

My fear of flying over water will soon be over!

There are a few different options for waterproof drones out there.

very cool share, thanks Drone guyz. I like the part where they scissor cut the props then fly it. the best.

It honestly looks like a modified DJI Phantom. Like the skin to waterproof and the bottom part to use a gopro.

The Splash Drone 3 Auto looks brilliant. I'm pretty sure it all started out as a kick starter campaign and now they're bossing it. Im into surfing and filmmaking so it only makes sense to get a drone that is waterproof. Although Swell Pro are pretty new, they've made a name for themselves already and I've seen them featured on list of the best waterproof drones, such as this one:

Anyone here got a Splash Drone 3 Auto? Would you recommend?

I was speaking with the CEO and I think they are going to send me a review unit soon! So be on the lookout for an actual review!

Splash Drone 3 Fisherman is the best waterproof drone for longline fishing, with a waterproof fishing bait release mechanism and underwater fish camera. #UrbanDrone

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There are a few different options for waterproof drones out there. Do check out. is focused on guitars.

Great site, if u dont mind i will translate it for my website in french on waterproof drone ( )

Thanks for the link buddy, I used GG translate on your website and it worked (not like a charm but still, good translation for great content).

260 000 views on youtube it's huge, at the same time the video is just great, thank you.