Using a Drone to Fish for Tuna

"Hey, I just got this sick Phantom drone, dudes!" Everyone gathers around in awe. "Hold my beer; we're going fishing." This is how I imagine the conversation went down for this ingenious video of fishing for longtail tuna with a drone. 

Last weekend, I went home to visit my family, and my dad got me hooked (ha, puns) on the TV show Wicked Tuna. That's the extent of my knowledge when it comes to fishing. Sure, I've casted a few lines in a river before and can even bait my own hook, but this video got me, because it just seems so ridiculous to me. Also, my hands were sweating, because I thought surely this huge longtail would pull the camera into the ocean. My fellow writer, Nick Pecori, told me this was just a modern version of "kite fishing" (wiki link attached, because huh?). Regardless of my absolute lack of knowledge, it is really a cool vantage point to see fish swimming like that and then get to see the fight from above. 

...Which gets me thinking: What other ways can someone fly a drone to give a new perspective on an old tradition? Sure, we see people flying them around old, decrepit buildings or busy streets. But what are ways that people are missing? I can imagine some fishing shows (if they haven't already) adopting this method of filming to make the catch more interesting. Currently, there is a lightning storm here; be right back, I'm going to go fly my drone. But where did I put my beer?

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These guys were using their drone to position their bait, but a few fishermen have actually used their drone to catch fish directly:

I've seen videos where the drone picks up the fish but this technique is way smarter. Use the drone to spot the fish and place the bait but use a reel to catch them.

Sean Berry's picture

because why the heck not.

Taylor Osborn's picture

haha! That's epic but kind of cheating though? Entertaining nonetheless.

Nick Pecori's picture

Cheating? There's no such thing as cheating in fishing. ;p

"Fishing" where I come from means putting four lines off the back of a million dollar boat and drive around all day.

This is certainly more sporting than that.

You forgot the beer part.

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I think that's sick!

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so awesome!!!

Ok, this is a great disruptive technology demonstration.

Aircraft have been used for years to locate fish for commercial fishermen.

Now anyone can get their own drone and leverage their advantages to overfish the ocean.