[Mindfreak] Staring At This Black And White Sony Ad Will Make You See In Color

I love optical illusions, and this simple trick used in a Sony Cybershot ad was one I had not seen before. Check out the image below. Stare at the color triangle in the middle of the model's nose for 30 seconds. Then stare at a white wall or screen and blink rapidly! You should see the model take her clothes off in near full color! The brain is a strange strange machine indeed!

[via Gizmodo]

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It's way too early for this right now. I think I'll try in a few hours.

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hihihi funny... I stared and gave up and then where ever I looked where there were white... there she was.. in color.. ;)

Great Afterimage ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afterimage )

But doesn't depend at all to the three coloured spots :)
They're just there to avoid ur eyes to move, so to fix impress the image on your kodak film like retina!
Anyways... cool model.

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Ha, it works. Very good! :)

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It worked! Cool!

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I do that mentally anyway.... the clothes part that is..... don't we all?

contrary to what this post's title says, this image is *not* in black and white : it is the negative image of a *color* picture. To check it, simply save this image, open it in your preferred image editing software, and ask for the negative (Ctrl-I in Window's version of Photoshop, for instance) ... and you'll see the "positive" of the original image ... and this is the image you see when you stare at the blank wall after 30 seconds of fixing this image.
 I guess less and less people these days have had the "chance" to hold color negative film in their hands :o)

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don't waste your time :D press control,alt,command and 8 at the same time. this goes to apple folks!

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Best comment ever! (:

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open it in photoshop, unlock the layer, and apply the "subtract" fusion method; now create a white layer under this picture. You will see the original image! 

_ _

This reminds me of a Jasper Johns lithograph from the 60's: http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/69.701.2

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maybe I have to calibrate my monitor... nah it worked. Pretty slick. 

Oh wow. Now i'm just seeing her image as a regular color image. And can't get it off my screen LOL  My eyes kind of hurt trying to do that. but pretty awesome!!

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Hey she's pretty cute in color lol

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That's crazy! Get out of head man!!!!

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the brain is a wonderful thing

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Coool! The big question though is who was the awesome artist that painted the three colour spots? Inspirational work...we need more dots!! ;)

EITHER WAY U CAN SEE THE MODEL..... Import the pic into PHOTOSHOP and jus INVERT COLORS and .... 

And more over for hotter pics of the model - google DEEPIKA PADUKONE... Indian model...:P

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the point isn't that it's an inverted image, or that it's B&W, it's that our eyes take one thing that we see, and change it to something else. 

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This just goes to prove, Sony is more focused on mental masturbation than creating superbly useful cameras.

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I am disappointed that most people are talking about converting the pic. into positive using  gizmos. Not telling how our Brain did this on its own!!!!

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Oh worked faintly