Jeff Bridges Honored for His Photography

Jeff Bridges Honored for His Photography

Jeff Bridges has been nominated for six Academy Awards and has won once (for 'Crazy Heart'). He can now add another honor to his list of awards. This week at the 29th annual Infinity Awards, he is being nominated for his photography. 'The Dude' has been shooting on-set images of the films he has worked on since 1984, and his work gives us a peek at a world most people never get to see.

Most people shoot the world they live in. Jeff Bridges practically grew up on movie sets, so it was only natural that most of his images would capture them. He shoots on a Widelux - which uses wide, landscape format film. In his book, "Pictures," he talks about his camera.

"The Widelux is a fickle mistress; its viewfinder isn’t accurate, and there’s no manual focus, so it has an arbitrariness to it, a capricious quality. I like that. It’s something I aspire to in all my work — a lack of preciousness that makes things more human and honest, a willingness to receive what’s there in the moment and to let go of the result. Getting out of the way seems to be one of the main tasks for me as an artist."

In 1984, he used his Widelux (a gift from his wife) on the set of the movie 'Starman.' His co-star Karen Allen had the idea to make a special, limited-edition book of the images. He did and has made one for almost every movie he has been a part of since - then he gives the books to the cast and crew.

See more on Jeff Bridges' site.

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Via The Verge and The NY Times
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Residing in New York City, Chris is an internationally published photographer whose work has appeared in Vogue, People, MSNBC, ABC, Ocean Drive, GQ and others. He is an instructor of Photography and Imaging at Pratt Institute and the New York Film Academy.

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Been a big fan of his for years...he's to blame for me getting into panoramic film cameras...

A good friend gave me a book of his on-the-set black and white photography, have you seen it?

Great images. Would love to see some from Tron.

I saw some interviews after Tron Legacy and I had the impression that he was not so proud of that movie.

You mean a bunch of pictures of green screens? What's there to see?

What do you mean? TRON is REAL!

There are actually Tron photos on his website (which is awful).

Awful??? it's actually refreshing to see something original!! is there a link to your site? did I miss it?

Maybe you still think sites with frames are cool, but handwritten fonts and skeuomorphism design doesn't work. It's tacky at best and unusable at worst. But thanks for your input.

It's HIS site. it obviously works for him. Who are you to judge? I guess your name explains it all.

Most people don't go to their own website much. Good web design today consists of nice formatting, good use on mobile, and clear fonts, large clickable areas (for people using touch devices/screens).

If you visit any very popular site, portal, or major company's page, the design becomes essential to whether or not users enjoy being there and stay for more.

It is possible that Jeff Bridges enjoys his website, but someone needs to tell him that the design went out of style 10 years ago.

Haters gonna hate. You should find something better to do with your time than criticize people on a forum they're probably not reading.

Well thank goodness he doesn't create on the basis of what's "in style"

perspective, as always

Um, there is one from Tron. Its the 7th one down. So these are actually from as far back as 1981 or 1982. Not 1984.

I was thinking the Tron remake.

I remember at Tron Opening computer geeks were trying to get us involved in this loser thing called computers,which in 1981 meant punch cards "sorry losers". Were are those geeks now? Owners of companies worth 1/2 the GDP of Canada.Or homeless,this was in Berkeley.

wow! nice... He gets better as he aged

Very Cool!


Very freakin' awesome.

Remind me why he's not behind the camera more often? Seriously. These shots are stunning. Jeff, if you read this: Please, please get behind the Camera for some of The Giving Tree. I know you've been cast in it, your critical eye would be amazing in it.

The Fisher King?

fabulous!!!! Hug Fan!!! Think you and your family are awesome!!!

I've rarely been impressed by the results when artists of one discipline cross over into photography, but DAMN these are good!