Nikon Fans Have All The Fun

This video has been sweeping across the blogs and I thought you guys might enjoy it if you haven't already seen it. It's a bit obnoxious but definitely should put a smile on your face. I think it also makes you appreciate all the gear you have when you see someone this excited about her first camera. There are a lot of great one liners in this video :)

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Gotta love it. My first DSLR was the 40d. Bought it at, off of a job I completed successfully. Best feeling.

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That is great. My first DLSR was the D90 too! Its cool to appreciate what you have.

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wow i didn't get this excited when bought my first DSALR, I had to save money for it.
I guess thats why. poor me, luck you :(

This video does make me excited to get new stuff! What a happy moment.
(suddenly everyone is a photographer)

The lengths some men go to get laid....;)

+1 Derek.. suddenly everyone owns a DSLR

I remember this from 2009. Fun.

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That explains why she so excited. The d90 was pretty cutting edge in 09

Slow news day in the fstopperverse ?:(

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ha no way, lots and lots of videos coming...we are always worried you guys can't keep up :) Watching a video is a little more involved than skimming through another blog's articles right?

Anymore new Fstopper originals on the way, like the extremely informative Peter Hurley and David Bergman videos? Thats the content that made me fall in love with Fstoppers ! :D

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We have a few vids on our desk and a full DVD...originals take a lot of time to produce especially when lee and I are both shooting full time. We will have a few out soon though

I can't wait !

Great break from all the gear/BTS porn. Love to see people excited about photography. Great reminder to why we love this stuff. My first camera was a Rebel XTi, that was a few years and a couple cameras ago. I still get excited when I see a little brown box waiting for me at my door.

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A BIT obnoxious? Ugh please :-|

It's just a Nikon DSLR, not sure what all the excitement is all about. :D Funny when he asked what else was in the box, she took out a lens box (for all we know it may have been a 24-70 2.8) and she just looked at it without a clue. haha.

Wow, that almost brought a tear to my eye... How exciting is it to see someone excited about something they have a passion for....? Great dude for getting his lady what she always wanted...

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i would love to see the work she has done with it

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Thanks for all the comments guys, you can find our stuff at charlesmedia I ended up getting rid of my Sony (she had a pentax) and got a D300s.

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Great video! I can definitely relate to the excitement of getting new gear.

Nice. My first DSLR was A D90 too, and it's still going strong. I'm sure she had a clue, and even if she didn't, I'm sure that by now she's figured out the amazing stuff that she can do with it. This vid made me remember the excitement i felt when I got my cam as well! :)

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So happy for her, I too was excited with my first 40D and more a few weeks ago with my 5DMkii; I'm just happier she didn't do one of those videos people do of unboxing.