NYC Photography Party This Saturday: Location Changed

As you guys have heard, we are throwing another party for photographers in NYC this Saturday and we are already expecting a great group of shooters. Due to the football game on Saturday we have decided to move the party around the block to "Las Chicas Locas" at 160 West 25th Street. The owner is reserving the bar/restaurant just for us, so let's pack it out. Everyone is welcome no matter what level you are currently at. The party begins at 8pm.

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Awesome Lee thanks for the update. Hopefully I can make it, can't wait to meet you guys!!!

I wish I could be there.
But I live in Denmark so the trip overseas would be a little overkill :)

But to all you guys/girls - I hope you will have a awesome night ;)

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I was just talking with Melissa Rodwell (, she and her husband David will be joining us this outing. She is an amazing Photographer who just moved out here from LA so make sure everyone comes out and gives both of them a lot of NYC love and warmth.

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FYI, Peter Hurley and David Bergman will be there if you want to buy them drinks and pick their brains. Should be a great time

Don't forget to show some pics afterwards for the rest of us who could not make it!

Well if I was legal to drink I'd catch a free flight up there and hang out haha. I'll see you guys in Charleston soon hopefully!

Just moved finally to NYC this tuesday! Look forward to meeting some local photogs!

Had an awesome time cant wait for the next one it was great meeting you guys there thanks!!

Glad everyone came out, I think we had about 80 people show up over the course of the 5 hours including Peter Hurley and David Bergman. I'm looking forward to throwing the next get together soon!