NYC Videographer Leaves $13k Worth Of Gear In a Taxi, And Miraculously Gets It All Back

There are just some days where you feel like there is little hope for humanity. I live in Los Angeles, and I imagine that it is the same in most other large cities around the world: There's no real sense of community, and you're just another face in the crowd, and to many people, it is just incredibly simple to be a dishonest person in a setting where everyone is anonymous. However, I had a little bit of my faith in humanity restored when I watched this video of an NYC cabbie returning $13k worth of gear to its rightful owner, Casey Neistat, without so much as a memory card missing.

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Michael Kelley ( is a Los Angeles-based architectural and fine art photographer with a background in digital art and sculpture. Using his backgrounds in the arts, he creates images that are surreal and otherworldly, yet lifelike and believable. A frequent traveler, Michael's personal work focuses on the built environment of unique

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Great story, always good to see happy endings =)

Isn't that the guy who did the Nike commercial?

Love it! Very heartwarming. Mohammed is the man, and real good of Casey to give a thank-you gift.

Nothing is worse than losing your bags containing your livelihood, and nothing is better than the honesty of great people giving that back to you. Wonderful story.

the thank you Gift is money and is a very valuable nowadays return on the loss. However more than the cash, I think the time taken to do this movie, editing, preparing this movie, showing the process, and the whole human recognition done by Casey to Mohammed has an inestimable value, and shows a beautiful story. 

Thanks to Casey and thanks to all the honest people around, returning lost property. 

He's pretty damn good at making viral movies. And probably none of this is true.

There ARE many good people. It's so GOOD to hear about them. Thanks for sharing :o)

I think people in general are a lot more honest in situations like this than we tend to give credit for.  I had a similar situation happen after a shoot once, went out for food and drinks with the clients and totally left my essential "don't ever leave this in the car" bag under the table!  Luckily, we were there late and were the last to be sat in that section.  I got all the way home before I realized what had happened.  The restaurant was super cool when I went up there though, asked me what the contents of the bag was then went in the back to verify it and... well I've been a regular since, honesty can definitely not be undervalued.

fuk u i am kurmit.

So here's the question - did cab driver get some kind of a reward?

$500, watch the video.

Not buying it....

Muhammad gave it back because all he thought was in there were dirty socks and underwear. haha. Hmmm, would the story change if he knew there were $13k worth of goodies? We'll never know, but either way, good for him.

«heeeey! i forgot all my gear in a yellow cab! let's make a movie out of it!!»


i really dig this, by the way.

Was it necessary to specify how much he had given money and necessary to say that he had given money ? Not sure about that...

I was travelling in northern Norway and stopped at a rest area to look at the beautiful Norwegian mountains and have a bit of a snack. After the rest stop, we drove about an hour back to Finland and when I went to retrieve my backpack filled with cameras and lenses from the trunk, I realized I had left it back in Norway. Luckily after a frantic drive back to the rest stop, I was greeted with a group of elderly Norwegians who had found my bag and decided to wait for the owner to come get it back.

So there's not just breathtaking scenery in Norway but also amazingly honest and fair people. If you haven't visited, I suggest you do someday.

(Double post)

Good job Mohammed. That's what do you expect from a Muslim.

i left my iphone in a vegas cab one. i kept positive thoughts, and i was emailed about my phone 2 days later. it was turned in to yellowcab lost and found. luckily i had find my iphone installed and sent a message to the device remotely with my email asking for it back. thats how they were able to reach me. there are still good people out there