The Next Casey Neistat Is Here and Her Name Is Sara Dietschy

I'm sure by now, many of you have heard of the one and only Casey Neistat, filmmaker and YouTube extraordinaire. He has a following of nearly three million subscribers on the platform and growing. He even won "YouTuber of the Year" at the Shorty Awards. He is obviously one of a kind and an incredibly polarizing creative, but who will be the next big star we look to for photo and video inspiration? Her name is Sara Dietschy; you will want to check her out.

Sara's style is a bit more of a focused perspective than what we have learned to love with Casey. She has a channel full of incredible videos going through behind the scenes photo and video projects all the way to fun travel adventures. She even has a series of videos called Creative Spaces TV, which you can watch below, where she really follows what she loves, other creatives. She goes through the eyes of designers, photographers, and artists of all types to tell their story. 

​Now, before you go and say she might just be another YouTube star created from a viral video, she has far more to explore than just that one video, though that one was pretty damn amazing. She is an incredibly talented creative doing something different, and she is not afraid to take the chances many freelancers are scared to push for. Recently, she was awarded a creative residency from Adobe (yes, that Adobe), and she will be taking a year to explore literally everything creative, fully funded by the company. 

Below are a couple more favorites where she explores what's in NYC, along with a solid talk about playing to your strengths, where she drops some serious knowledge. Be sure to check her out and subscribe to her channel as she will likely have a killer year of uploads and work to watch!

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Andrew Griswold is a photographer and designer based in Indianapolis. Born and raised in Indy he has made a name for himself by staying very active in the creative community in both photography and design. He has also founded a community of photographers via Instagram connecting them with brands to work with and shoot locally.

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I was aware of and watched her videos before the Casey video. (I've been an avid Neistat follower since his HBO series.) She's certainly an up and coming talent. It doesn't hurt to go from a few thousand subscribers to 100k after a shoutout from Casey. I was a little turned off with her asking big companies to send her stuff in a "mail time Monday" segment in one of her first videos after her big bump to stardom. As Casey's videos show, one of the huge perks of YouTube fame is the amount of free gear that companies want exposed. I just thought it was a little tacky to ask for stuff when in reality she's not a proven star just yet. Casey has worked hard to gain subscribers and most of hers came from Casey. She's been handed a great gift of subscribers and the deal with Adobe is fantastic (would that have come without the Casey bump?). It appears she has the raw talent to take advantage of what has been handed to her. I hope she runs with it and is successful.

Hahahaha that girl is good. I like.


50% of the vide is out of focus :D lol

I seen her Casey video it was so funny it was so well-made I loved it. With that said a lot of her videos she records creative people so she's pretty much a cameraman. There was a recent event that Casey and her where at and she never sought him out to say hi.

Yes, I know this man and watch him on YouTube. I just adore when he flies in the plane and makes different jokes there. It makes me laugh. I also liked her parody of Casey. I don’t remember when I laughed like this the last time, maybe it was when I read here, I just cried out laughing. But I liked it even more, very cool. I think you will like these funny stories too.