Casey Neistat Officially Ends His Epic Daily Vlogging Run On YouTube

It's finally here: the day Casey Neistat ends his daily YouTube vlogging run, which was easily one of the most epic strings of content creation known to man and one that I will not forget. The man is a legend in the creative community, and I doubt he will be going anywhere anytime soon. Where he goes next is a big mystery, but Neistat's career is one I will continue to follow.

Casey Neistat, if you don't already know, is a filmmaker, YouTuber, vlogger, and all-around content creation genius. He has brought over 500 unique videos to his channel alone with nearly five million subscribers and a billion views. That does not come easily or without incredible dedication to your craft. I give the man credit for being the best in the world at this path he paved, which is now one countless others are attempting to emulate.

Casey mentions in his latest video he will no longer be creating daily vlogs about his life and experiences. But thank God he also said he will continue to invest in YouTube as a platform for sharing his stories to the world.

I watched every single day for the last 18 months as this man has built something outstanding and inspirational in the form of his daily videos, spelling out some of his secrets to his success and creative life.

I'll admit I'm excited to see the daily's end. The extra time should give fresh blood to the life and work of Casey Neistat that hopefully allows him to hone his craft as a filmmaker and content creator for the better. I am beyond excited to see where this man pushes his career. What do you think? Has Neistat left an impression on you as a photographer, filmmaker, or creative?

If you are looking to fill that void in the vlogging world, be sure to check out these up-and-comers: Sam Sheffer, Timmy Ham, and Kraig Adams. All of them are throwing out serious content while telling their own story along the way. Some of their videos are below.

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Its sad to see him quit but I bet he has new amazing plans ahead. If anyone needs a new Vlogger to make I would strongly reccomend Jon Olsson as he puts out amazing content that often include a lot of photographing and filming.

Im very intrtested to see his path from here. He mentioned super early on the daily uploads would never be sustainable over a long period of time. 1-2 years is damn good but loads of the daily guys that have done it years have either fallen quick into not knowing where to or or melt dosn under pressure or social media trolls. Hes got s business ams a bright future for sure. Im invested now and pumped for where he goes next

Ive seen his vlogs everyday for the last two years. While entertaining id much prefer his mini-stories/documentaries over his everyday-grind. Especially the ones he narrate.

Agreed. Im excited to see those once a month or quarter again

I watched and enjoyed every one of his vlogs and was continually amazed at his ability to tell a story with such high production values every day.

All his content has a common denominator though - he is either a character, the narrator or both. He does it brilliantly. I'd like to see him expand his abilities to make movies completely about others rather than making his voice or personality a draw card.

I'm impressed he lasted as long as he did. Sometimes his life was super interesting and other times it was the same old thing but he still put something out. I wish I had that much discipline.

Strongly agree. It became all the same about 6 months in and then had sprinkles of super interesting story telling and editing. Oscars, travel etc. Then you could tell it got easy for him. Hearing about his company was super neat. Havent heard from that so hope that continues to grow

"I'm impressed he lasted as long as he did" - That's what she said ;)

I am sure it was fstoppers that introduced me Casey. This was when fstoppers had just 1st started and it was a video tour of his office and polaroid wall. All i recall at the time was that he seems a great fillmmaker/creative not a vlogger. it was only when the Aladdin video from 2015 did i click it was the same person

BTW Lee. I think it was part of the Wednesday Roundup. What ever happened to that segment?

Yeah only found and watched Casey for the last 4/5 months but really liked his style of editing.
David I don't agree at all, (only my opinion) that Jon Olsson just looks like some rich dude jumping on a band wagon!

I felt the same way the first time I saw Jon's vlogs but after watching some I started to find them quite interesting and he seems to be a very humble guy (this is of course very induvidual if you like it or not and what you feel). I like it because its a lot of beautiful cinematic shots that revolv around stuff I'm kinda interested in. (Skiing, cliff jumping and so on). But as said you like different things and can see that everyone may not like it.

I've subscribed to his channel since before he started his vlog, and I was excited when he started it. Vlogs are tough inherently because they're extremely demanding and mean less / no time for other work. And they never end, unless you actively kill them off. Shaytards just ran into this after being on YouTube for 10 years. I'll miss Casey's vlogs, but I think he'll start producing more better non-vlog content, which is a net gain in my eyes.

I have also been watching him everyday since the vlogs started, but I did miss the content he created before vlogging - so i'm really excited to see what he comes out with now!

I honestly don't like this guy... did I miss something in his videos?

I enjoyed his vlogs and watched every one, but didn't actually care much about what happened in his life. What impressed me was his ability to tell a story with sound and video every day, with such high production values. I would watch and marvel at the quality of his content and his ability as a storyteller, much more than his personality, ethos, or even what he did each day.

Maybe it's because I'm a videographer, or maybe it's because I haven't looked at many other vlogs, but I just never saw anything special about any of it. Enough people seem to like him and his vlogs though, so it's sad to see something people enjoy going away :(

An inspiration to many, including me. I've got regular uploads on my channel in case anyone's wondering what the life of a timelapse photographer's like

I've been following Neistat since his HBO show. He had a good run, but clearly it was time to shut down the daily vlogs. Many of them, while still better than the majority of vloggers, were getting repetitive. He raised the bar for the others who used to just sit and talk in front of a web cam. I would imagine he will get back to doing things like he did before with Nike and Mercedes. I'd bet Samsung will use him to get them back in the good graces. I'm guessing he'll still make money as a speaker other things that come with the perk of having made a successful career.

I've never known of a dude who worked as hard as this guy. He's mentioned before that he spends no less than 4 hours a day editing the vlog. Sometimes as much as 8 hours.

8 hours. A day. That's on the vlog ALONE. That's excluding his actual work.

His drive and ability to be so disciplined and work so hard is incredibly inspiring for me. I'm sad to see him stop the vlog, but his final video made it all make sense, and I'm happy that he's doing this. He couldn't possibly have ended the vlog in a more "Casey Neistat" style ending.

Isn't, or wasn't, vlogging his "actual work"? I'm not sure I've seen him do much else and he was making a good living from it. He seems pretty hands off on Beme these days.

Ett, couldn't agree more. The dude is a monster with the hours he puts behind his craft. Allen, I am not sure you, or many of us are getting the whole story with his actual work load. If you watch the vlog its pretty obvious he does some crazy stuff that seems to fill his days but we are only getting a snippet of 10-13 minutes of his daily life. There are still over 23 hours in the day. 4-6 of sleep, 8-12 of actually work hours at the Beme office, or whatever he goes to change that into in the long run, and his family time. Still, very impressive he is able to balance it all and being on his game all day long to have a camera in hand to film the moments he wants to show to an audience is astounding.

You are would be interesting to find out who the "real" Casey Neistat is, not just what's portrayed in a 10 minute daily video.

No idea how anyone could watch his content. I admire his work ethic, but there is nothing there to watch for me.

However you feel about his work, personally I like it, Casey worked at his craft for 18 months and now will be prepared for anything that comes his way, he has seen so many different production scenarios even if they didn't turn out exactly what he liked. It's what everyone should do if they want to succeed, you don't even need to post it.

Respect!!!! and looking forward for his new projects.