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Camera and Video equipment is expensive! Whether you are just getting into digital media or are a seasoned professional, we are all looking for bargains and ways to justify dropping even more coin on photography gear. Everyday our email is full of readers asking about what gear we use/recommend and if there are any deals out there to be had. So we have created an Fstoppers Gear Guide that includes every piece of equipment we use for both photos and video separated into categories. You can also check out the latest Canon rebates (most end Jan 8) and Nikon rebates (expires Nov 20) through which we find to have the best prices online. So check out the Fstoppers Gear Guide and if you want to get some new toys for Christmas, don't miss out on these Holiday rebates through Nikon and Canon.

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The Gear Guide Link is broken (11:13pm EST)

Seems to be working now. :)

Jaron Schneider's picture

It isn't working for me...

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it should work, I think the issue is if you are reading this from the RSS feed then it did not get updated when I initially posted it. You can also goto the top of the blog and it is under PAGES

Oh fstoppers, you make me want to go broke. 100mm macro T.T

Yeah, it's broken still. I'm looking at it on the site, not via RSS so that shouldn't be an issue for me.
Thanks guys!

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I'm curious as to what it is doing and what error page comes up? I've tested it on 3 computers now and they all load correctly. Is it the Gear Guide Page that isn't loading or the Nikon/Canon rebate pages?

This seems to work fine for me. Can you guys be specific about what isn't working

It works good for me...

Nice toys, I want have them all... About Nikon rebates, are those brand new gear?

hi guys. the link doesn't work for me either. It goes to a page within your website saying "Not Found ...... apologies but we are unable to find what you are looking for ..."

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can you be specific about what link you are clicking on?

Yeah when I click on either of the Fstoppers Gear Guide links the page comes up as Not Found

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That's really strange. It opens fine for me in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. Here is the link directly to it,

Thanks that works - it must be Safari, I'll try to remember to look it up when I get home on my laptop.