ShotKit - Exposing the Camera Bags of Photographers

Introducing ShotKit, a fresh new take on a concept that people have been curious of for years. Sure, gear doesn't matter - we've all been battling with the concept for ages now. A great photographer can take a great photo with any camera, but that doesn't change all of our allure to new gear. ShotKit is now a service dedicated to showing you what's in your favorite photographers bag.


With photographers ranging from commercial to sports, ShotKit hopes to build a broad collection of photographers all over the world, to show what gear is truly the most important for the work you do. Most notable mentions on the website so far are Sam Hurd (who we've featured on here a few times before), Olympic photographer Jeff Cable, and many more outstanding photographers giving you a peek into what gear they use and why.





In fact, even my own bag is featured on the website, so if you've ever been curious on the absurd amount of gear I have, be sure to check it out. Also be sure to browse the website to see if one of your favorite photographers is highlighted in their growing database.

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Bryan Dockett's picture

Sadly I was rejected but on the plus side they review the submission pretty quickly.

Jason Vinson's picture

what did they say they rejected you for?

Bryan Dockett's picture

no real reason given. Just that they're not going to be to able to feature me yet. Maybe submit in the future. etc etc

bchau's picture
Michael Comeau's picture

It's an affiliate link party. Awesome!

Brian Reese's picture

Thought the same thing. Saw one guy had a GoPro listed... but not a single picture taken with a GoPro. Not even a story about it as to maybe he was filming as well and using it for b-roll.

Rikard Landberg's picture he has done it for a long time! ;)

jniz22's picture

I posted the same thing in another recent article about "kit shots" or whatever you want to call them. And the readers on JPH do it so damn well. Give credit where it is due...

Jaroslav Lukeš's picture

First thing what came to my mind when I saw this article was JCH. Although he does it for his business, it has more magic than this full comercial site.

enrico pretto's picture

Why they don't show the bag?!

I'm looking for a solution for put all my gear in one bag that i can use when I travel, so I don't care the gear that a photographer use, but can be very useful see how they arrange it and what king of bag he use

Timothy Jace's picture

nice! I would be spending more time there than here... :P

Caleb Kerr's picture

I can't get enough of that. So good. Gear laid out neatly in grids. Nom.

Bryan Woolston's picture

Had to add mine to the lot... . The big lights live in the car... MOst everything else goes in the belt.

aurèle brémond's picture

Japan Camera Hunter, aka Bellamy Hunt, have done this for years, ages, give him the credit he desserve !!

But, well, at least, i admit that ShotKit has a better hipsterious visual...