Super Cool Photo Filter Kickstarter Project Has 24 Hours Left

Super Cool Photo Filter Kickstarter Project Has 24 Hours Left

I am a bit of a Kickstarter junkie. I love learning about companies trying to take new products to the market, tossing some money behind them and then watching them succeed. This latest project that I just backed, Fractal Filters, has incredible potential. This is definitely worth checking out! But do it quick, it's funding period ends in less than 24 hours!

As creatives we are always looking for interesting ways to create art for our clients. In the past here on Fstoppers we have featured how Sam Hurd uses a prism to create unique photos, or Lindsey Adler using a mirror and prisms in her fashion work. Prisming, as Hurd has coined, has been catching on as a popular way to produce those unique and interesting photos setting your work apart from others. I've been holding up prisms in front of my lenses over the last year and while I've gotten some great photos it is a bit of a tricky process. That's all about to change with Fractal Filters.

Fractal Filters was designed to give photographers a tool to hold in front of their lens to easily add an imaginative touch to your photos and videos. These reflective shoot through filters can be used to isolate subjects in your photos, create patterns, or add interesting patterns and bokeh to your images. The creative potential is endless.


One filter, several effects: Each filter can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the way it’s rotated, the distance it sits from the lens, focal length used, etc. The way an end user applies their filter is only limited by their creativity: these filters have been designed to be effectively versatile.

Multi-situational: These filters can be used for any genre of photography and videography - from weddings, to senior portraits, bands, portraits, boudoir, glamour and much more. The filter was built big enough to hold up in front of any lens making it very versatile.

Quick to use, quick to store away: The filters are designed to be supplementary tools. Find a situation you want to use them in? Great--pull a filter out of the case, shoot a bit, and then stow it away; all in a few seconds. Amazing effects without having to set up lights, equip specialized lenses, or manage other untimely tasks. Fractal Filters are quick, unobtrusive, easy to manage, and create a wholly different optical effect unlike one you've seen before.

Here are some additional image examples by Nikk Wong created using Fractal Filters.
Fractal Filters Image Example 1

Fractal Filters Image Example 2

Fractal Filters Image Example 3

I wish I had known about this earlier because it was a product that immediately caught my attention and I became a backer right away. I would have loved to help spread the word sooner to our creative community. While it has already met it's Kickstarter goal and will in fact be funded on April 4th I still wanted to get the word out so those that would like to take advantage of the Kickstarter price can get in on it. Unfortunately you don't have much time to think about it though. Funding for the project closes on April 4th - you have less than 24 hours.

There are three different Fractal Filters to choose from each giving a different unique effect. You can get one for $25, two for $41 or all three for $55. I grabbed all three for $55 as I thought the price was extremely reasonable.

If you're interested in getting one check out the Kickstarter Page for Fractal Filters. They have a video there with more information as well.

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Photo_Tom's picture

"But do it quick, it’s funding period ends in less than 24 hours" --> Kickstarter says it ends in 37 hours.. Last time i checked, that was more than 24 ;)

Trevor Dayley's picture

I chose 24 hours because I just figured by the time this article made its rounds to most people it would be right about that time. I also published late at night so give that most wouldn't even see it for eight hours after it was published. You just happened to be one of those that saw it right after it was published. :)

Jacques R's picture

The world is more than the country you live in. Thank you for expanding your mindset..

Photo_Tom's picture

37 - 8 = 29 is still more than 24 hours ;)
It is not that big of a deal, but I start to get a Little tired of such exaggerations here, which are not true, just to make the post more dramatic.
Also, in this case it could have the negative effect of People assuming the 24 h are already over and not going to the kickstartet page (unlikely, but possible^^)...

Ryan Sands's picture

What a cool way to add some creativity. Just backed for $55 :) Can't wait to receive these fractal filters and see what I can come up with.

Trevor Dayley's picture

Feel the same way. Excited to get my hands on them.

RUSS T.'s picture

way back in the film days, didn't COKIN have some kind of filters like this?
It had a center piece that rotated ... been years, not sure about it now.. only saw it once or twice

Kristi Woody's picture

I don't know about the centerpiece part, but they did used to (and might still) make creative filters. I have one from Hoya called "multivision" that has 6 facets. It's neat to play with!

Jeremy Nielsen's picture

Woah. Backed for $55!!

Trevor Dayley's picture

Likewise. Seems like a great deal. Excited as well.

Jason Vinson's picture

much cheaper ways of doing this... no thanks

Trevor Dayley's picture

Do share?

Trevor Dayley's picture

Doesn't seem quite the same. But definitely cheaper. ;)

Maarten de Boer's picture

Well at least it's cheaper than photoshop but irreversible, clients be like ... I love the picture but what are those ... things? Did something go wrong?

It's not my thing I guess..

Michael Turcotte's picture

"the world's first reflective 'shoot-through' filters" (from KS page). Maybe they meant refractive? Reflective and shoot through are mutually exclusive terms. As to first - the old camera store by me has a box of commercially made filters for less than $10 for the 77mm ones.

There is an old saying. To end up with a millions dollars with photography, start with 2 million or sell crap to photographers.

Julie Wilmes's picture

Backed! So excited to have something to play with and give a different feel to my images. Thanks for sharing!

Veldask Krofkomanov's picture

So did they just recently get backed by a crapload of people? Because I'm seeing $30000 or higher pledged for a goal of $10000?

This seems more like a toy than anything. I can't imagine using it to experiment and maybe one or two real pictures with it, then tossing it aside. Very gimmicky in my opinion. Would love to see someone blow my mind with this though. None of the posted images are special to me so far; in fact, I think they all would have looked better without the filter.

Akamai Office's picture

If you like backing project with huge potential, check out this one for a photo studio and co-working office to be created in Honolulu, HI. Imagine having access to both a studio and a work space the next time you visit Hawaii.

Guest's picture

Shoot through portraits are becoming a bit cliché - more so now this product is coming to the market.

Dave Paek's picture

This shot is becoming quite cliché - more so now that this product is coming to market.

Alina Ciobanu's picture

Did someone ordered them and received the item ?