Why Did This Take Me So Long To Find?

In my experience there are 2 types of photographers. 1, you have a studio but you don't shoot in it as much as you wish you could or 2, you don't have a studio but you always wish that you did. I personally am the type 1 photographer. I do have a small studio but it does not get used very often. I have just been turned on to and this site may be a huge help to everyone. If your studio space sits empty as much as mine, you might be interested in turning it into cash. allows you to rent both gear and studio space to other professional photographers. If you are a photographer without a studio and don't have thousands of dollars a day in your budget, may help you get that studio that you have always wanted at an incredibly low price. You can also list the services you offer and get hired for gigs--everything from makeup artists to assistants.

So anyway, I contacted StudioShare and they agreed to give FS readers a full year for free, just type in "fstoppers-free" when you sign up into the coupon section. You can't beat that!

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Well great idea and good customer relation to give this one year free submission.
But sadly only dedicated to US living photographers. Hope that in a few time they will enlarge that kind of services to other countries.

Keep on going guys.

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Hi Nedim - launch in Europe over the summer, then Canada; and South America and Australia next year. Check it out and join in - the more members, the more valuable the concept.

I have thought about using this site a few times but i always come back to the profile site i use ( has a place for me to post a studio listing etc. if I wanted to, I maybe I will try this out and see what it can do for me Thank you for the post.

Hmmm. I’d try it out, but the site does not see north of the American-Canadian border (It’s not available in Canada)

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We'll be in Canada about September time... just wanted to make sure we had it right before going international. Hope it will have been worth the wait!

Brilliant idea - what a shame it's US only.

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No any more! International version launches May - I'll be in the UK promoting over June and hope to make it over to Edinburgh...

on the website a link on the bottom says..
NO US-SITES Canada (Summer 2010)

and others are on the list.

Eh, maybe I'm missing something, but why would anyone pay for this service? Not to mention, the forum is completely dead and there are very few resources on it. There are FAR too many free resources for things like this all over the web to waste money on a half-assed, Canadian website with very few members or resources.

I think you guys missed the mark on this one (unless you're somehow receiving I kickback from that website, then I "get it")

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Hey Shane - you are missing a lot... First of all it's not a Canadian website (though we will launch there in the Fall), the membership is rising all the time - all new ideas take time to grow, and usually things that grow gradually and with care, last longer. The forums are not used much, but we've found there is not much need for them as we provide great customer care and a simple to use service. And what other sites do what we do? There are plenty of resource listings, but we provide a full management service that can turn anyone into a mini-rental service and help organize an entire shoot including booking and payment. It's like comparing the yellow apges to eBay. The service that we provide is costs money so we charge for it - the more that join in the lower the costs will be as we share those, like more of our resources (though it is free with the coupon fstoppers-free).

Hopefully we are also much more than a web site. We support a philosophy that promotes creativity and personal development over product ownership and we hope to offer an alternative path for a new generation of image makers that prioritizes ideas, knowledge and promotion over tools - that is only possible if you can access the tools you need at a decent price wherever and whenever you need them. That is the aim of the platform and it can only work if we all join in and share. Give it a chance :-)

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I agree with Shane. Why would you pay a subscription to something like this with all the other resources out there?