Who Should Fstoppers Feature Next?

That is the question we are currently asking our readers on our forum. We have a few really cool videos in the works but we still have to plan ahead. If you happen to admire a particular photographer please stop by our forum and write us a note, if we like what the photographer is doing we will travel to them and create a video for them free of charge. Visit the forum post by clicking here.

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Jim Arbogast.. he's old school and tells a story with all of his creative images... he's badass


Adam Bouska - he is an amazing celebrities photographer and is the co-founder for the NoH8 campaign

http://www.philippesalomon.com/ - THE Beauty Photographer.

Please feature Peter Belanger www.peterbelanger.com . From his blog it looks like he does some very serious lighting.

David T's picture

I ran across David Teran a while back on PLSR. I think if you gave the marketing to a small-time photographer like him, he could really explode onto the scene.

http://davidteran.com/ is his site, I believe.


Dan Winters