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very pretty

very nice

Well done!

hahaha great expression!

Ima put this comment in my resume: "Received hearty approbation from none other than Dylan Patrick."

I Soooo Love this one <3

Thank you! I keep forgetting to tell you, do you remember the blonde in the orange top headshot of mine that you pinned on Pinterest? I saw a while ago that some BS health website had used it for an article on good skin. Before I made them take it down, they told me that it was okay for them to use it because I had put it on Pinterest! I told them, "that wasn't me, that was esteemed photographer and cute French Canadian brunette (I had to mention the photographer part to narrow it down as there seem to be a lot of you), Emilie Tournevache.

Whaaaat !! So If you put a picture on P-interest anyone can use it as they want ? so sooorry for that !!! I didn't knew, and I feel bad about it !!! .... I Use P-interest a lot for inspiration ... and pinned many pictures from PH2PRO.. =_= !!! LOve the esteemed photographer and cute French Canadian brunette Part thought ;) Thanks a lot !!!! Love your work A lot !!!

Not your fault at all, so don't feel bad. Pinning it doesn't give any yahoo any more rights to ones photos. They were idiots and caved immediately. I was very flattered that you pinned it.