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Loving the Fall

This little guy was pretty shy at first, until we plunked him down on a blanket and started throwing armfuls of leaves at him!

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Wonderful! Congrats

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Thank you Andrea!

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This is adorable! I love it!

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Thanks Zackery!

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Just WOW !!

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Thank you - love your work and I'll be referring to some of your photos next time I'm using off camera flash - so impressive!

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Thank you Duan.

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Adorable! Any tips on your shooting style? I'm in love with that bokeh. I'm mostly a landscape guy, but have a newborn of my own now and will be taking lots of baby pictures now.

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I just use the standard tips on getting a nice blurry background - long focal length, wide aperture, get really close to the subject and make sure the background is really far behind the subject (100 metres in this case). My favourite plugin is Nik Color Efex Pro 4 - the Soft Landscape preset does a great job at enhancing background blur, though I usually have to correct skin tones after using it. I didn't use it here but often do when I find there's a bit too much detail in the background.

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awesome, thanks!