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Teddy bear picnic

Someone call animal control.

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photography is all about emotions, feelings, saying something to the viewer more than just the technicals of the actual photo... This ticks all the boxes in my opinion. Well done Jordan

Thank you Percy. I'm a fan of Adrian Murray's work, especially his teddy-themed photos, and followed his tutorial on building bendable teddy bears. This was a lot of fun to do!

Any chance you could post a link to that tutorial? Excellent photo by the way, and great DOF. What aperture were you using?

Oh, it was f1.8 :)

all shot at the same focal length and brought together i presume?
Thanks for the tutorial!!!!

Yep, camera was on a tripod and I used a remote trigger to take the photos while I was placing the teddy at different areas in different poses. Let me know if you try something like this out!

If I do I will let you know. Now I feel like I must try it out!

I wasn't aware you could do any better than First fall. But good grief, this is fantastic. Is the bear behind him planted in the ground somehow? This is just... no words for how great this shot is.

Thank you Chris for the kind words. For this photograph I set up the camera on a tripod and used a remote shutter release. I used a single teddy bear and moved it around to different positions, sometimes having to hold it upright while I took the photo. Then I combined the photos in Photoshop, chose my favourite bear positions and used layer masks to erase my arms. It was a lot of fun to do!

very cute!

Just became a granddad and am inspired by your photo. This is just to much, Percy hit it right on the head. Great capture!

Thanks JP!