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First fall

This little guy had a blast playing in leaves for his first time! My take on Lisa Holloway's stunning "Age of Wonder" pose.

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Awesome pic!


Wow, beautiful pic

Love the colours!

Looks great!!!

So cute!


Gorgeous photo! What lens did you use??

Hi Pervez, it was the Canon 200 mm f1.8 :)

WOW!! Fantastic shallow depth of field work! What hardware did you use? The colors! The positioning! Fantastically well done!

Thanks Brandon! I used a Canon 6D with 200 mm f1.8 (shot at f1.8). I think the lens is discontinued now but there are some used ones floating around.

This looks so similar to Lisa Holloway's iconic image. Nearly an exact copy.

Yes that's what I was going for, hers is a stunning photo!

Beautifl ! very shallow depth of Field ! was this shot with a 200 mm F2?

It was the older version, 200 mm f1.8 shot at f1.8 :)

Fantastic! Is that leaf real?

Thanks Viktor - yes the leaf is real, I grabbed it off the ground and dangled it above the baby for this photo.

Thank you. Amazing picture.