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that is incredible

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Somebody on here rated this less than 5. Let me just say I don't get that at all.

Kolade Agunbiade's picture

cant vote up twice

Heitor Bonfim's picture

I voted 5, but would understand a 4, for it is a composition.

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This shot is beautiful!! Krasi, the water is natural or you sprayed it to the fly? i lvoe this man!

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Probably dead fly with sprayed water

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Красиви кадри, както винаги.

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darn it...amazing!

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Intriguing shot :) this is a composite or PS manipulated so many ways, but looks so cool you might get away with it :), what liquid did you use to spray the fly..? 3 light sources in this sucker make him look so angry good haha, enjoyed

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dead fly in an obvious unrealistic water spray.

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