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January 15, 2016

A shot from my personal project themed around Bonnie & Clyde. One of my clients recently purchased an old bank to turn into a venue so I reached out to them and got some friends and family made it happen. 2 alienbee lights 47" octobox up front and 7" reflector behind. it was tight quarters, but we made it work.

24mm · f/5.6 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Nomad Photographers's picture

I absolutely love it, though it took me some time to see the gun. The light is spectacularly well mastered in a closed space like that one, well done !

Llewellyn Badham-Thornhill's picture

Love the set up and the small space makes you feel in the scene.

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Delighted to see this picked as POTD. Its a really beautiful shot.

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I keep coming back to this photo. I am intrigued, maybe mesmerized, by the curve in the young lady's body starting at her left shoulder and ending at her knee - it is so close to mathematically perfect (I'll ignore the little bump caused by her knee :-) ) It was the first aspect of the photo I noticed. Whether the curve was deliberate or just an accident of her overall pose I don't know, but it is magical nonetheless.

Is that an iphone or something similar I spy in the young man's pocket? :-)

Robert Wagner's picture

Thank you for the comment. I wish I could take credit for the pose but that was her. It wasn't planned she was standing like that and the guy leaned in and I said hold that cause I knew it looked good! As far as the phone goes... Yes we didn't notice till later.

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Well done love it

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Well I will be the oddball here :) Everything is perfect except one thing - their expressions doesn't deliver at all - like they are at any other fashion shoot. You can see the gun makes no influence to her or the guy - just the prop. Question is what he has in his pocket?
On technical level it is well done, on models expressions - they are dull