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America the Beautiful

A shot for @theweekenderfashion Blog for a Memorial Day Weekend post. we were going for a vintage 70's vibe for the shoot so i busted out my old 100mm 2.8 that my dad had from before I was born. all manual focus and aperture settings. Also shot with 100% natural light. and edited in PS.

Nikon D800
100 · f/2.8 · 1/800 · ISO 320
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Killer capture!

Thanks Remus!

Beautiful work.

Thanks Matt!

Very nice. Would not be the same quality shot without the reflections in glasses.

Thanks Chris! I agree as I was shooting i saw it a little and made her turn her head to the side in order to get it more. I knew thats what would make the image. Thanks for checking it out.

How did you get the reflection in the sunglasses to be tact sharp, not just the reflection but the content within the reflection. I would assume that was shot at f/8 but the rest of the shot looks like 2.8 though.

Hey Chris. I assume it's because since its a reflection and at that point it becomes a 2d plane with no real depth in 3D space. It would be the same as if you shot a picture of a picture. Since its a flat plane it would be sharp regardless of what the depth of the photo is. But you're correct that it was shot at 2.8.

Love this shot Robert. This lighting is amazing to top it off. Great work!

Thanks Eric!