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This is one of my fav shots not just because i loved the lighting here, also because of the retouching process was fun to experiment with and the result was really pleasant for me. The hair wasnt healed at all, all i just did was give it a little more shine to it, but the mix about her look mixed with thw flow of the hair was lovely to capture. I did this shot with my T3i + 50mm, my lovely combo. For the lighting inused two 90x60 softboxes frlm each side to light the background and here sides, as the mainlight i used a 80cm octabox at 45° pointing to her face, and a reflector to bounce all that direct lighting to her face, smoothing shadows and giving a beautiful catch light to her. I got to say that i really enjoy producing and retouching this kind of studio shots.

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Greate shot! Love her hair covering most part of her face. Prolly took you guys a few times to capture the hair like this

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Thank you Ovidiu! Yes we made a lot of shots until we had that one haha!