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Nikon SB-1000

Introducing the Nikon SB-1000 Landscape Flash.

Finally a flash powerful enough to light a landscape. The endless waiting for the right light is history. With the included 'Golden Hour' filter you'll bring your own sunset, anytime, anywhere.
A full tank (0,5 Gallon / 2 Liter) gets you 100 flashes at 24.000Ws with a recycle time of only 1m32s.
With it's 216lbs / 98kg it's not exactly a lightweight, you'll feel it with long mountain hikes, but the all terrain wheels will go anywhere.

Here's the spec sheet :o)


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Super Like, Great Creativity

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Thanx Roberto!

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Clever idea

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Can it be used on camera?

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Unfortunately not, I couldn’t find a hotshoe connector at the bottom. It’s probably why you don’t see them much, people love on camera flash :o)

I’ve added a page from the manual and as you can see it only has a pc sync terminal and a light sensor for Nikon’s CLS system.

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This is A-MAZING. I love this photo and the thought/creativity that went into producing it. Your satire is winning too. Nicely done.

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Thanx Chris! It's always nice when someone gets it.

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This is hilarious! Well done.

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