Smoke on the Water by ATOR Photo
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Smoke on the Water

September 24, 2015

This image is about celebrating being yourself especially in an environment where you stand out. I was looking for maximum contrast: a cool dusky landscape concealed in smoke (fog) with a model revealed by smoke in warm and red light.

The model is shot in the studio, the background is a mix of photography and CG elements.

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Lee Morris's picture

Don't know what's going on here but I love it.

ATOR Photo's picture

LOL, thanx!
I'm not gonna deny there's a slightly elevated WTF level here :)

Brian Carpenter's picture

On point!

ATOR Photo's picture

Thanx man!

Mauricio Martinez's picture

Great quality , no doubt focus is at its highest , the contrast between a background somehow obscure and the movement and concept of the guy breaks all silence, but to be honest all this producction says little , i think if you let me say few words the thumbnail of your pic has more balance that all this producction, the lights with barrels are too much , the backround its a render .. I BET ! jijiji . but with the quality of the pic youll get lots of clients !

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Thank you for your comments.

I see your point, less could be more especially if you go for a more graphic approach. The story would be different if you’d make the crop as in the thumbnail.

I wanted to show the juxtaposition between a quiet landscape and a loud model. For me the dancer, landscape, spotlights and smoke bombs are all vital parts of the story I want to tell.

Spotlights and smoke are what you’d normally see at a rock concert to highlight the artist. Here they have the same function. Because they’re out of place, they make the setting a little surreal and enhance the contrast. Other storytelling elements are the armor like spikes of the outfit and the laurel shape of the red smoke, used here as symbols to tell a story of battle and victory.

I love the extra depth of the different elements and the fact that you have some exploring to do. But you’re right that when you add elements to an image sometimes more is gonna be less. I’ll keep it in mind!

Mauricio Martinez's picture

what is the budget for this photo?? like 1000 dls? is magnific of course lol. Cheers keep the good work like this , it will reward you . If you ever in mexico dont doubt to contact me i am a great mentor and tourist guide !

ATOR Photo's picture

I have no clue about the budget, one of the perks of being your own client. I loved Mexico when I was there some years ago so I might be back :)

Nikolay Mirchev's picture

I like it overall, just one thing, that many people dismiss when composting, is the focus distance of the elements within the particular composite work. In this case the grass and edges of the rocks in the back are, sky too. too sharp.

ATOR Photo's picture

Thanks Nikolay.

A friend already grilled me about the sharpness/DOF when I showed him a previous version so it’s not completely dismissed :o)

This is a 24mm f/5.6 full frame shot with the focus distance at 5m (15ft). That is already hyperfocal. I made a test setup with elements at the same distances like they are here and the sharpness was pretty similar.

You may be right about the sky. I find it hard to guess at what distance the clouds are and where the focus plane would be. When I shoot sky backplates I usually focus at the clouds just above the horizon, which is nowhere near the focus distance in this shot. Next time I’ll shoot them focused closer by with different apertures to get a more realistic look.

Thank you for your sharp observation!

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