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Love the shallow depth of field

Thanks so much Levi

Blank and out to lunch hahaha

I tried Patrick...I tried!

I didn't mean it as a critique; I was just saying a Peterism

Oh I know! I know that Peterism very well!! Thanks man!

got to be stressful shooting a head shot for this guy ;) well done.

To say the least man! Thanks so much

a lot of people don't like the razor thin DOF on a headshot but i really like the shallow DOF. nice shot.

i would have prefered to have the entire face in focus and then have the blur fade back. The out of focus nose is distracting the viewer from the eyes.

I love it! Ive gotten a few people who just hate it, and say that thats not how you shoot a portrait. But too each his own I guess. Thanks for the feedback man!!

Who is this guy? I swear I've seen him before!

I think it's Scott something...

Peter Hurley headshot! This is so great!


Well done!

Thanks so much man

DOF is crazy. Totally dig this. EXIF?

Thanks Austin!!! FACEBOOK BUDS!!!

CANON 50mm
Apature f/1.2
Shutter 1/100
iso 125

Killer shot

Thanks man, next time your in BR hit me up

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