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Emily Hunt

Model & Makeup: Emily Hunt
Photographer: Adam Bender

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Eric Bloemers's picture

really like the color grading!

Anonymous's picture

Great Shot and Concept!

Michael Woloszynowicz's picture

Love the expression on this one Adam. Great stuff!

Adam Bender's picture

Means a lot! Thanks.

Roman Fedorchenko's picture

love the tones and flower petals

Nathan Balavoine's picture

A French photographer has filed a lawsuit against another photographer for a similar photo. Knowing that the concept is a classic of fashion I am always laughing to see this kind of image.
This says, it is well done.

Christian Bravo's picture

Well done sir!

Brian Corliss's picture

Not sure what you are trying to portrait in this image, but to me this photo resonates a woman trying to escape the angst in her life by hiding behind her own beauty. Love it.