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Me and my newborn daughter, taken by my wife. We're a lot alike! Are yawns contagious digitally?

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Most orginal newborn pic I have seen in a long time!


wonderful expressions caught at exactly the right microsecond and who doesn't like a baby in blue and orange...this will hang on the wall for years!

Funny story about this image ... we dressed our daughter up to try and capture a photo of us with her eyes open. Our attempt failed miserably and she mostly just screamed. The yawn was unplanned, but when she yawned my wife yelled "yawn!" and this capture is way better than what we were attempting. Moral of the story: leave room for spontaneity!

That makes the picture even better!

Great capture!

OMG, what a wonderful photo! The hair LOL

love it and congrats!!

Or could be father / daughter opera singers.
Delightful !

Also, a nice break from all the shots on FStoppers of women in their underwear.

love this one, well done

Fantastic shoot. :-) Good idea.