85mm · f/1.8 · 1/8000s · ISO 320
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Andrew Yianne's picture

I love your toning and retouching methods!

Randy Budd's picture

Impressive. Superb pose and expression. Love the sense of motion here. Excellent DOF, she pops out of the background. Looks as if she was having quite a bit of fun during this shoot.

Matt Odom's picture

Dan you are the man....great work brother!

Byron Wright's picture

Nice work with that 85mm.

Janis Balcuns's picture

i have qeustion i take pictures 1.8 aswell but i dont have so much blur in background why ?
i have nikon d5000 1.8g 50 mm lens u can se my latest pic ms sasha i have blur but not so big as here.. why?