Bearth Away by Bavarian DNA
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Bearth Away

March 28, 2016

We love control, don't we?

Taking control of your frame parameter is a must for a serious photographer and especially the pro ones...

But honestly who is taking control, is it you or nature ?
" I don't need an answer :) "

This is maybe only me, but i can see my life in front of me...

At that exact moment were i took the shot, i saw part of my life moves so fast in a way i'm missing a lot and the other is like i'm too slow in a way that i can manage to see things i don't normally see in my busy life.

Then i realized that as much as i would like to control my life, it seems to have so many variable that will knock me off my balance and control.

Neural Activation and sense of realization.

I've been in the city for a long time, this is my calling.

One day it will be your calling too...

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The tones are just wonderful in this

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Thank you so much Greg, glad you liked it :)