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Behind the Curtains

September 1, 2014

Although this was real view, but i didn't catch the moon rise from behind the clouds that day, but i saw it and it was fast to disappear behind the clouds. The way i saw it was so vivid and beautiful.

I'm not that skilled in Ps to make 100% close to the reality.

I hope you like it and enjoy the rest of the week...

ISO 80
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Ken Dunlop's picture

I love the way the clouds look in this picture. Nice!

Bavarian DNA's picture

Thank you Ken so Much, Right place in the right time. Luck has 60%, Me 40% :)

Christian Kletti's picture

dreamy sky, smooth water in combination with an industrial bold brige ... really nice!

Bavarian DNA's picture

Thank you Christian so much, glad you liked it

Don Shader's picture

I very seldom give 5 stars but you nailed this one. The color, composition, and exposure of this image deserves all the stars it can get. Great job!

Bavarian DNA's picture

Thank you so much dear Don for your generosity and kind beautiful words, im glad you found it interesting beautiful.

Rogan Templer's picture

Love the colors here and the way the water is rendered. Well done this is an awesome picture

Bavarian DNA's picture

Really glad you see it this way, Thank you so much Rogan for the beautiful comment. Have a nice week my dear

Ryan Mense's picture

Great mix of colors

Bavarian DNA's picture

Nature sometime get so generous, it was a great day and weather. Thank you Ryan

Cyril Charpin's picture

Great shot !!

Huang Jianhua's picture

Great shot !!

Teresa Oldenbourg's picture

Reminds me of trix yogurt. Super cool colors. I dig it.