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Stars @ Motion

This is a composite image of 2 shots, both taken by me.

The story behind this composition:
I decided that day to catch the milky way, so i drove to this place, since its supposed to be empty, after i arrived there, i discovered some people are hanging there not far from me and as you can see how was the building lit by their lights from behind, i was so disappointed and decided to shoot it anyways, then it started to get more crowded here. My night was ruined and i head back home. So i made the best of it by adding one of my startrails shots to it.

And till today, i haven't had the chance to capture that damn milky way. Hopefully one day my dreams will come true with nice compositions too

14mm · f/2.8 · 32s · ISO 2500
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But it's really cool , I like it

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Thank you Mansour, this location was very nice , but unfortunately it was crowded with camping guys with lots of lights. So I had to snap some shots and went back. But this isn't the shot I took that is similar to yours, in fact it's not even near to your perfect composite. Once I post it I will let you know. Thank you for your delightful comment bro

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This shot is very nice. I love the orange meeting the blue with the star trails.