My buddy, Peter Hurley.

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Awesome! what lighting are you using?

Thanks, Levi! 2 Bowens 500R's. 48" Octabox pointed slightly off center and another hitting the background behind his left shoulder, camera right.

Nice, great shot of peter

Now that how to capture a personality. Great job Damian.

Thanks Bo!!

I love this portrait so much. DBats rules.

Thanks, Chris! Too kind!! :)

The color in this photo is spot on!

Thanks, John!!

Great shot!

Thank you, Radu!! :)

This is the perfect Peter Hurley Photo

great shot Damian!

Great portrait of Peter. Excellent expression and lighting. The only thing that bugs me is that the camera angle seems to be a bit high, cropping off his fingers... just my opinion. Overall, great job!

When I first saw the photo I said they got Dan Winters to shoot Hurley. Nice job.


shabaaang :o)