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Matthew Silver

I had the incredible honor of being able to photograph Matthew while in NYC. His message is great and he's just as kindhearted in person as he is in his videos! BKAWK!!

50mm · f/5.0 · 1/250s · ISO 250
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HAH! This is awesome

Thanks, David! He's awesome! :)

I went to high school with Matt. Was brilliantly funny then as well.

Made my day! Awesome shot! :D

Thank you, Kari!!


Thanks a ton, Phil!

So awesome! Just curious, how did you get this opportunity?

Honestly, I just emailed him and he responded. :)

Amazing. good job Damian

Thank you, Preston!!!

Matt is awesome. Besides knowing him since we were on the same little league team, we had him in our office a few years back for an online show we filmed. He is always up for performing or shooting. And he'll show up with props, lol. Give him a shout at http://www.maninwhitedress.com. Sorry that I forgot to mention it before but it's a great shot Damian.

Absolutely terrific.

Thanks a bunch, Chris!! :)


Thank you so much, Isaiah!!

I'd love to shoot this guy!