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Double Threat

Iowa State Cyclones big man Jameel McKay shows off his 7'4 wingspan. The fire and ice represent his talents on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court. Shot on the Canon 5DsR so I'm making a large metal print of this for the studio!

Canon 5DS R
70mm · f/11.0 · 1/200s · ISO 400
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This is excellent, Dan! not that I am surprised from you!

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Thanks Bill! We need to meet in person one of these days.

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Badass! Love this. Really well done.

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Thanks Crystal!

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Yes, yes and yes. Marvelous.

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Marvelous is a good word... I need to start using it instead of "awesome"

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Go Cyclones.

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Are you from the area??

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Iowa City, but travel to Des Moines quite often.

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Go Hawkeyes :) lol Cool pic

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Glad you like it!

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Amazing. I can't stop staring!

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Woahh..amazing shot..:)
I remebered the Song of Ice and Fire when i saw this..;)

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Wow..this is so deserving of POTD. Great work!!!

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love man, gives some inspiration for me

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Fantastic! I follow you on IG and your art is truly amazing!

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OK. This is so awesome, marvelous, or what ever kick ass descriptive word one chooses to use. I live in the Ames area and have driven past your studio many times wanting to stop to meet you but never have. I have been impressed with your work for sometime. I have watched your composite skills improve steadily the past five years. I believe you hang with the best of them now. This picture shows off your composite, retouching and photographic skills and perhaps the most difficult skill to acquire - imagination. All the photoshop tools in the world can be learned - but to take those tools and create, with them, a work of art is truly a gift. Great work-!

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Thanks Clifford! Small world indeed. It's been a journey with a lot of failed attempts but Cyclone Bball has given me ample opportunity to hone my skills. If your travels bring you back through Ames, pay a visit!

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This is superb, such vision

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This is brilliant, really really good!

McKay has signed with my local team this season (Perth Wildcats in Australia), excited to see him play!

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I hope he does well for your team!

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Excellent work. Great concept and beautiful execution!

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Love it!

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there are many who can pull this off but only one that did great shot and art

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Stunning shot! Lighting and retouching are fantastic! Great work Dan :)

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Very cool concept and great work !!

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