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Breaking Through

One of my most well known images taken at Edisto Island in South Carolina

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Thanks Levi :)

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WOW! Jaw dropping!

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Thanks a lot Bo

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I was amazed when I saw this on Bing, and then found out YOU took it!

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Thanks Andrew, yeah this one has been around the Internet a bit now :)

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really cool shot. nice work. i think i caught this on phlearn also, no?

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Thanks Ian, yeah Aaron did a video using the image a while back.

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Thanks Lee, definitely one of my more popular shots.

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Love It!

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Absolutely outstanding capture and i love the processing a lot. Topnotch!

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I'm glad this shot is getting its recognition, man! Awesome scene!

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Unreal!!! Great job.

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This photo blows my mind. I would have loved to be in this moment. Thank you for sharing.

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That's an incredible shot.


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Now that's the kind of view I hope to be able to capture myself one day. If I ever manage to recognize the opportunity to take such a shot. Very nice!

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Thank you Johan, it definitely came with a bit of luck. I've never gotten this sort of light there since.

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Amazing photo! I've seen it around the internet, great job!

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very nice

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Amazing, almost dreamlike. Fantastic!

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that is beutiful

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It's all about the light... well done.

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Oh man. This takes me home. I really miss Edisto.

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Love it. Cool PP

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Beautifully balanced, so simple and yet so effective.

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Michael, I've been seeing this around the net for a while, but NEVER with this great quality!!!! Did you tweek this or is F-Stoppers a better venue for showing your work? Either way - This is beautiful!!!!

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Magnificent picture.

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Those god rays were added in post, weren't they?