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Felix Inden
Cologne, DE
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Photographer, Retoucher
Felix Inden Photography
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Felix Inden is a photographer based in Cologne, Germany.
Always looking for a new angle while following the passion to express emotions in his photographs.
In a world of visual oversaturation, his goal is to let the imagery speak in it´s own language.

Lately, his work has been recognized in international awards and it´s published in different magazines and platforms like National Geographic, Huffington Post, Digital SLR Photography, ct Digital Photography, NPhoto and more.

Been born in Spain and raised in Chile he speaks fluent german, spanish and english as well as a little portuguese and french.

To follow the most active of his social media outlets visit: http://www.instagram.com/felixinden

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Valsan Melepat's picture

Thanks for sharing amazing work

Daniele Zedda's picture

Awesome stuff man!

Sherwin Magsino's picture

amazing landscape Felix! i just bought Lee systems and cant wait to go longer exposures!

Felix Inden's picture

Nice Sherwin, you will have a load of fun with your new filters :) I´m really glad you like my work!

Stian Klo's picture

Lookie lookie! I'm here =))

Felix Inden's picture

Yeeeez, nice, finally :)

Dennis Ramos's picture

Beautiful landscapes, Felix!

Felix Inden's picture

Many thanks Dennis, i appreciate your nice comment. Very glad you like my work :)

Georgi Andinov's picture

Amazing work!

Felix Inden's picture

Thanks a lot Georgi, much appreciated :) Best regards