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Felix Inden
Cologne, DE
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Photographer, Retoucher
Felix Inden Photography
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Photographer based in Cologne, Germany.
I focus on landscapes, cityscapes and architectural photographs.
Always looking for a new angle while following the passion to express emotions in my photographs.
In a world of visual oversaturation, my goal is to let my imagery speak in it´s own language.
During the last years i developed a deep passion for the landscapes of northern scandinavia.
The rugged shapes of the landscape and the intense weather of the north is my favourite playground, but i also travel a lot searching for different motives.
If you like my imagery, don´t hesitate to contact me for licensing, prints or any enquiries via info@felixinden.com
I am available for commercial work and not bound to borders.

To follow my most active social media outlet visit: http://www.instagram.com/felixinden

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Thanks for sharing amazing work

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Awesome stuff man!

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amazing landscape Felix! i just bought Lee systems and cant wait to go longer exposures!

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Nice Sherwin, you will have a load of fun with your new filters :) I´m really glad you like my work!

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Lookie lookie! I'm here =))

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Yeeeez, nice, finally :)

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Beautiful landscapes, Felix!

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Many thanks Dennis, i appreciate your nice comment. Very glad you like my work :)

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Amazing work!

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Thanks a lot Georgi, much appreciated :) Best regards