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cold shivers

The title of this image came to me while shooting near Sórvagur on the Faroe islands. On one hand i was having cold shivers and goose bumps all the way, as this location is very exposed with the rock wall dropping around 148m just below the rocky foreground you can see. When shooting such places with a wideangle lens, even a slight movement of 1mm can influence the composition. And so it can influence the future of yourself as well :D no one will save you quick enough if you drop down there...
On the other hand, the local name of the cliff "Trælanípa" means the slave cliff. If you happened to be a slave long ago and weak at the same time, you had to jump into your sure nemesis.
Btw, doesn´t it look like the lake is only held by this cliff from falling into the sea?

Nikon D810
14 · f/11 · 140 · ISO 64
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Amazing image. What a unique location. Great work with the shadows here!

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Thanks a lot Brett! The location at Leitisvatn is just wonderful, check it out one day mate